Top Hairstyles for Men in 2012 – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Does your man need a new look? Or are you a man looking for a new style for the summer? Summer in Oklahoma is hot and can be muggy so you need easy styles to get you through the days and nights of the season. The buzz cut and the fade are faithful styles which have served men for many years, but you might be looking for something a bit different to reflect your own style. Here are four very popular hairstyles for men that offer more than the status quo.
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The Falke Lookbook included this shoulder length style for men. This cut works best with hair which has some wave or a slight curl. If your hair is thick, ask your stylist to give you some layers to remove some of the weight and release your hair’s natural wave. To style this look create texture with paste, sea salt spray or a volumizing mousse. Use a bit of anit-frizz serum to keep looking polished. You can even pull this style up into a ponytail if you don’t have time for a full on styling session.
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The curly mop top is another great style for men with longer hair and plenty of curl. Ask for a medium length cut so that you get a uniform look. You don’t want it too short or long because these cuts will not give you the relaxed and casual style of a mop top. To style this look, start with towel dried hair and apply some texturizing cream or curl defining product. Use a diffuser on your blow dryer and your fingers to control frizz. Use fiber wax once your hair is dry to define the curls.
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If you want to wear your hair shorter and you have lots of curls or waves, try this style. Ask your stylist to cut the sides short and leave the top longer. If you don’t have waves or curls, you may not get the natural look if you try to add them with a curling iron. This is a very simple look to style. On damp hair run some curl control cream through your hair and let it dry naturally. Avoid styling products which create hard curls so you get the most natural look.
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The quiff has made a comeback in a big way this year. Think of Elvis or James Dean with a 2012 edge. Ask your stylist to cut your hair very short on the sides and leave the top long. There are many ways to style a quiff, and this cut gives you plenty of options. On towel dried hair apply plenty of gel or styling paste. Use a large barrel brush to blow dry your hair, directing the top to one side or straight back. Next take some fiber paste and sculpt your quiff to the height you want. Be creative and come up with your own personal take on this classic style.

These are only four popular styles for summer 2012. Ask your stylist to help you find one that is just right for your hair type and lifestyle. She can also give you recommendations for the right products to achieve the look you want.

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