Style is Sometimes Funky

A funky style can be achieved through color and a unique cut.

Image by mørt’n via Flickr

Funky new hairstyles have been popping up all over the place. An unconventional look is an attention grabber and the effect some odd edges or bright colors can have on your hair is amazing.

It used to be that uneven lines in your hair or a messy look were a bad thing, but these days more and more people are crossing over into the wilder side of hairstyling. Fresh and bold new looks are easy to create and there’s one for everybody.

The simplest way to achieve funky hair is to dye it. Blue hair, orange hair, purple hair, bleached hair with black highlights — it’s all possible and shows your creativity.  No one thinks that someone with purple hair is dull or boring.

Getting your hair cut in all sorts of directions doesn’t make for funky hair, it makes for a mess. There are tons of styles to choose from that are unconventional and look great. Moving towards a new and exciting look isn’t about purposefully messing up your hair. You need to know exactly what you want and go for it.

A combination of an out-of-this-world haircut and a bright color leaves people speechless in many cases. If you want to leave a lasting and extreme impression a well-planned and taken care of hairstyle is essential, even if it’s supposed to look disheveled.

If you’re not sure about which funky style you want to go with but you know that you want one, I can help. Call to see when I’m available for a consultation and we can get you the style that will look best for you.