Hair Color – Not Just for Women Only

Women have been using hair color to cover their gray for many years, but very few men think of coloring their hair. Well why not? Today’s hair color is more natural looking than ever and it is no secret that gray hair makes you look and feel older. In the business world men who are graying are sometimes perceived as being old or over the hill. Youth still rules in the business and social world so if you’re starting to show some gray around the temples or have a full head of silver hair, why not consider letting your stylist give your hair new life?

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Contrary to popular belief, hair color can actually be good for your hair. As your hair absorbs the new color it becomes thicker and more manageable. Hair color products now contain intense moisturizing ingredients that build your hair’s strength leaving it in better shape than when you started. An experienced stylist can expertly match your natural hair color and give you dimensional color that no one will know came from a salon. Unlike box color from the supermarket, professional hair color is formulated to give you natural looking shading and not a flat one dimensional color. Your stylist knows which colors to mix and how to place them to give you the best color possible.

If you want to add some spark to your hair, strategically placed highlights will give your color a lift without looking like the old 1970’s streak jobs that your mother and grandmother used to wear. Tipping the ends of your hair is a very popular youthful look. Just the ends of your hair are bleached and toned so that when you use styling paste to spike up your hair the highlights create a very attractive effect.

Don’t be afraid of hair color, give your look and your spirits a lift with a professional hair color service. Your stylist will give you the color and look you want to meet your skin tone and lifestyle. Be sure to ask her for recommendations for professional products to keep your new color looking salon fresh between touch ups.

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