The Curtain Returns: A 90s Hairstyle Comeback

I’m sure you’ve heard about the return of 90s hair trends. If not, you just have to look at Chris Hemsworth’s and Tom Cruise’s retro-locks of which inspiration arose from when casual glam-hair was in.

That’s right; we’ve noticed guys sporting young Brad Pitt, center-parted, floppy man-locks (a.k.a. curtains) around town.

And even though the peak curtains year was in 1995, after twenty years, they seemed to have rejoined the fashion parade through an unexpected 90s-wave.

However, a 2016 curtain is definitely not one of those David Beckham hair-flopping styles that you saw him flaunt during the 1998 world cup. Today’s curtains set the middle-part aside for a more hipster-grunge facade.

Let’s take a look at a few contemporary curtains that may persuade some daring guys to get back into the groove.

chris hemsworth photo
Photo by discutivo

Curtains with a Frontal Flop

Young Leonardo DiCaprio stapled this hairstyle into the hearts of many teens a couple of decades ago. Nowadays, the frontal curtain is more of a medium length design where the front hair is flopped over-and-back to where Leo’s trademark middle-part once existed. The latest frontal flop allows the curtains to grow out openly on each side.

Curtains with Top Highlights

Blonde color was a celebrated feature when the male curtain first hit 90s mainstream. Today, you won’t see a lot of those Backstreet Boys frosted tips wandering around in pop-life; instead, the guys are adding smart flaxen highlights, only on the top, which gives life to their curtains by exciting the whole mane.

Curtain and ‘Slick Back’ Hair

The hipster look may be on the back nine, but slicking back the hair and adding some curtains where the man bun used to be will produce a contemporary heartthrob look. You can also add few strands of hair in the front to form a rebel-mane look that’s sure to turn a few heads at the club.

Curtains with Tapered Hair

A millions of girls went crazy when the former Disney star, Ryan Gosling, rocked his tapered curtains on 90s TV. Believe it or not, this unique hairstyle trend has made a comeback with a slight avant-garde twist. The top of the hair is kept long enough so that it elegantly collapses at the taper, which your stylist will secretly shape behind the head.

Curtains with an Undercut

Most folks wouldn’t call this a curtain hairstyle, but it’s unquestionably in 90s

, Johnny Depp, floppy-hair territory. Here, your stylist will perform a classic undercut and allow the long top to fall just above the ear. The sides and back can then be trimmed and tapered at the natural hairline to keep everything balanced.

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