Consider a Crew, Flat Top, or Pony Tail for Practical Men’s Hair Cuts – Oklahoma City Salons

A practical men’s hair cut doesn’t have to be short, but there are some really attractive shorter do’s. At the same time, there are plenty of longer styles that men can wear that are practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, for men who want practicality mixed with an attractive look.

The flat top is an attractive hair style, but it stays out of a man’s way and lots of women find this style to be clean cut and pleasing on the eye. It also feels good to the touch (like velvet) and men who wear this style often comment on how often their head gets “touched” when they’re sporting a fresh flattop.

Crew cuts are also a good hair style choice for men on the go. There is a little bit more versatility to this style because the hair is a little longer on top than a flattop, but it also takes more time to fix it each day. Whereas as a flattop hardly even requires a comb, the crew cut does need at least two minutes worth of styling to look really good each day.

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Medium length or long hair can also be fairly practical in certain situations if it’s pulled back into a pony tail. Obviously, men who work as part of the military or police force wouldn’t want to wear a pony tail to work, but this is still a good style for men who do a lot of heavy labor or work in a field where it is unlikely that their hair will get caught in anything or “pulled”. A pony tail can seriously simplify the process of looking good each day if you have the right type of hair and pony tails also stay out of the way when you’re working on a project.

Hair cuts that aren’t terribly practical are those take a lot of time or styling products to manage well each day. If your hair requires a lot of maintenance time, then it isn’t going to be very practical. Choosing a shorter style or a style that’s long enough to pull into a pony tail can keep hair in place throughout a long work day and still leave plenty of room to feel attractive and unique.