Winter 2013-2014 Hairstyle Trends – Edmond OK Hair Salons

This winter, the real question has to do with how to part the hair. There’s plenty of diversity in terms of the length of hair, wavy versus straight hair, and the color choices available to runway models, but in all cases, the part seems to feature in heavily. It’s important to be attentive about how your hair falls this season and though there are some punked out colors and super short styles, by and large, the look is somewhat tousled and natural.

Peyton's hair and wardrobe evolution: Typical ...
Peyton’s hair and wardrobe evolution: Typical seasons 1 and 2 curly hair and vintage clothing styles (bottom left), Season 3 shorter hair style (top left), Season 5 sexier dress style (top right), and Season 6 straight hair style (bottom right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have short hair, there are plenty of things you can do with it this season. Pull it back from the face, or leave it wind-swept with dramatic bangs over the eyes. But make sure that you have the right cut for the season. The pixie cut is still in as well as the bob and there are plenty of other short hair styles that have made the grade as well, but steer clear of perms if you have ultra-short hair or even medium length-hair. Kinky curls aren’t really in this season.

Medium length and longer hair styles are still all the rage, particularly if you hair has just a slight wave to it and works well in styles with plenty of tendrils hanging loose. Ideally, these tendrils will be straight or nearly straight. A little bit of wave is okay as long as it look natural and unintentional. If you have particularly curly hair or dramatic waves, you may want to consider getting out the straightening tool or visiting a stylist to get your hair permanently straightened to stay on top of this season’s trends.

You can part your hair on center or over to the side, but make sure that you either use plenty of gel to tame all those fly-away strands, or leave them intentionally loose so that they can create some drama around your face. This fall we saw the heavy contrast between super-pristine hair with plenty of gel to keep it in place versus the natural look of loose hair that appears to have been out in a heavy breeze all day. This winter, this style continues to make an impression on the runway which is perfect for winter hat season when hair tends to look a little disheveled anyway.

Though parted hair is definitely what’s “in” this season, you can still comb the hair back so that it doesn’t have a part, if you must, but this is considerably less popular for winter 2013-2014. However, if this style suits your face more, it’s still entirely acceptable. Visit your hair stylist to get a cut that will support a side or center part if you want to stay current with the trends.