Wavy Hair Hits The Red Carpet This 2010!

Short and sweet or long and breezy – wavy hair has no limits. You can enjoy the wave-styled hairdo at almost any length. For 2010, waves are going to make a bold fashion statement as you probably have seen in the magazines and celebrity shows.

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The difference in the 2010 wavy look would be in use of color, highlights, and texture. Naturally, if you want to get the wavy hair, you need to get a professional cut. This is not something that can be done properly in a barber shop or at home. It is only after the stylist has cut your hair that you can go home and try different looks.

Two of the 2010 trends for wavy hair are the wavy shag and the wavy bob. The wavy shag is like a “just got out of bed look.” It’s messy but with a lot of control, and it’s movement but with a lot of style. To get this look, you must have medium to thick hair because the hair cut should have a lot of layering. On the other hand, if the layering is done wrong, and is not graduated, the end result would be too choppy. It will also encourage frizzy hair.

The wavy bob is a stylish fashion statement – just like what you would see on a lot of the movie stars today like Katie Holmes, who brought the bob back into vogue. The difference with the wavy bob is that you can have thin hair. Thick hair would be a strike out because it would be very difficult to control, and the tendency is for the hair to look wild.

Aside from the getting the 2010 wavy hair look, another bonus with this style would be the fact that wavy hair does not require much time and attention. The point would be to look as if you did not struggle for a couple of hours fixing your hair, or sitting in a salon for over an hour just to get the right wavy look. And even if you did, pulling off the wavy look means being nonchalant about your hair, thereby looking natural and fresh all the time.

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