Ombre; A Trend Gone Mainstream

ombre hair color photo
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Ombre hair has been the in thing for a few seasons now, but it still seems to be going strong. Actually this is a great way to get those highlight colors you want and add that special customized look. Ombre is very beautiful and actually it is even low maintenance. In some cases it even fixes hair issues that just don’t seem to go away any other way.

The ombre style continues to be popular because it’s an easy to maintain way of getting those highlights and that special glow to your look. Besides ombre also offers a great way of fixing some hair issues like making your hair appear thicker, giving it more dimension, making eyes brighter and skin look younger.

The Trends: What are the new trends when it comes to ombre? The new trends are for ombre to be more natural, less dramatic than in prior seasons.  Today, it’s more common to see ombre in just two tones lighter. The contrasting ombre is no longer in style.

Brunettes: For example, it is a blend of medium brown that goes into honey hues.

Blonds: Blonds with cool skin undertones can start with natural beige and then fade it into icy blond or silvery shades.

Red heads: If you are a red head you might go with a peach ombre or a lighter red.

Skin Color has a Definite Influence: Your skin undertone does influence your ombre color to a certain extent, as does the natural tone of your hair.

Preference: Then there is preference too. There are women that really like the way the ombre style goes from dark to light and want to make the most of that contrasted shade.

Hot Ombre Styles: Now that we are a few years into the trend, hairstylists are coming up with some interesting colors. Here are the most interesting we’ve found

  1. Chocolate Cherry: This is chocolate to cherry transition that adds a bit of brightness to that everyday look. This works well for brunets who don’t want to go lighter all over but just want some lights.
  2. Pink Strands: This is a cute ombre’ style too. Blond roots with ribbons or strands of pink twisted within the curls. You can also try lavender or baby blue.
  3. Short And Sassy Ombre’: Just because you have short hair, doesn’t mean you have to do without. You can also sport the trendy ombre with strokes of blond brights. This even gives you some nice texture.

Ombre can look good on anyone and because it takes place towards the lower part of the hair, it’s much easier to care for, as you don’t have to have frequent root touchups.

Call me for a hair appointment, and I’ll give you the ombre look, or any other hair style a master hair designer can recommend. Let’s get this hair party started!