Brittany Spears Wears Rainbow Dip-Dyed Hair at iHeart Radio Music Festival – Oklahoma City Hairstyles

At the recent iHeart Radio Music Festival Brittany Spears showed up with a new look. She had her hair colored in the popular dip-dyed rainbow effect. With her light blonde hair, the pink, blue, and green ends were stunning. Rainbow hair is a fun way to shake up your look, and you can choose from the entire spectrum of colors depending on the effect you want. If you want a hot look like Brittany’s choose neon and vibrant colors. These colors also look great on darker hair. With very dark hair the contrast is really chic.

If you’re more into a subtle look consider just a shade or two lighter than your natural color. Your stylist will blend the color out to the ends giving you a sunkissed look. This look can go from dark to light, or light to dark depending on your natural hair color. One thing to remember is if you have very dark hair, your ends will need to be bleached so the proper level of rainbow color can be achieved. This means you will have to take extra care of your hair so that it stays soft and healthy looking.

Always use products made for color treated hair. These products contain moisturizers and conditioners to help keep your color vibrant and salon fresh. They also contain sunscreen to prevent oxidation of your color. Hair color can react to sunlight by becoming brassy or developing unwanted gold tones. This is from the sun causing the hair color molecules to change in your hair. Another tip is to avoid styling products which contain alcohol. Alcohol dries out your hair and can make it brittle and damaged.

Ask your stylist about rainbow hair if you want to add some fun and excitement to your style. She can help you pick out the right colors for your personality, and give you beautifully blended and stunning dip-dyed rainbow hair which is just right for you.

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