Winter Hair Cuts That Keep You In Style

The seasons are changing fast, which means that lots of in-vogue gals will be wanting to get a head start on winter. Most celebs seem to be shifting-up their hair this year in anticipation for the cold weather a-coming. So, if you’re feeling like an uplift change might work for you, here are five haircuts for the winter that you should take a look at before making your next appointment…

winter hair photo

The Wob (Wavy Bob)

Wobs are first on the list, and I think I know why–it seems that all women fall in love with wavy bobs at first sight. It’s a super attractive hairstyle that’s trendy and easy to manage too. Both Beyonce and Taylor are rocking wobs this winter, and the hair trend looks like it going to continue into the spring. Remember that this hairstyle compliments women who crave something simple and unproblematic to get them through the winter months, so if this sounds like you, just go for it.

The Extended Layer

Extended layers also seem to be a must-try haircut for this winter. This style matches the girl who loves to use her hair as a neck warmer during the cold months. Layering your hair longer will also add some texture and movement “eye-candy” to the hair too! This winter, women seem to love to wear their extended layers with loose waves, which also look incredible with a carefully-managed blow dry at home!

The Rounded Midi

Midi cuts came into the limelight in the late fall. Kendall Jenner is a huge aficionado of this haircut, and so are the youngsters who follow her on Pinterest! Gals like to wear their rounded midis smooth and straight back so that admirers can catch an eyeful of the cut’s full effect. Most stylists will add some anti-frizz serum mixed in with a bit of hair straightener to form today’s blunt midi, properly.

The Sloping Pixie

Pixie haircuts are good to go for the winter in 2015. Kristen Stewart rocks the pixie haircut with ease in most of her films, and a lot of movie-going girls find irresistible how Scarlett Johansen manages to style her sloping pixie slicked all the way back. This year’s winter pixie is a little softer, but it also owns tons of texture. Keep in mind that the sloping lob is a bit risqué, so be sure to consult with your pro-stylist before they start chopping away at your locks.

The Fringe

Last up, oooh those bangs! Fringe cuts started popping up again late this year, which tells us pro-stylist that bangs are back. However, there are those out there who are a bit scared to let the scissors take a whack at their hair. So, if you are one of those gals, consider talking to your stylist about clip-in bangs. These hair extensions do not require any hair cutting, which means a gal can own some naturally-looking bangs in just minutes.