Trendy Haircuts for Boys

Your young man wants to look good and today there are several trendy haircuts for boys for him to choose from. A well done haircut by your stylist will be easier for your son or you to take care of. If your son is young, consider a very simple cut that requires little to no maintenance. As he gets older he can experiment with gels, pastes and other styles that are more creative.
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The bowl cut is a perennial favorite. True to its name, it looks like someone put a bowl on top of the head and cut around it. You can have your stylist blend it into the sides of your hair or leave the bowl more pronounced. This is a great cut for young boys.

Another good cut for your young man is a short cut with side swept bangs. Easy to maintain this cut looks good on any age and as your son ages he can wear it longer and transition into a more skater look with layers and length.

Go maintenance free get your little man a buzz cut. Your stylist will make sure it is even and blended. Clipper cuts can be tricky so leave it to the professionals to keep your son looking his best. While you’re at the salon, be sure to ask your stylist her recommendations for professional products to keep your son’s hair and scalp healthy and looking good. Different styles require different styling products and your stylist can recommend the right ones for your son’s look and teach him the best way to style his hair.

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