Hair Styles That Channel the Punk Vibe – OKC Hair Salon

Some people say that there is no such thing as Emo. Or Scene. Even Goth isn’t really real according to nay-sayers. Rather, all these styles are actually just sub-categories of Punk. Believe it or not, Punk has made different faces and whether you ascribe to the idea that Emo, Scene, and Goth are actually knock-offs or not, these various styles do actually have a lot in common.

English: Punks burning a US flag (early 1980's)
English: Punks burning a US flag (early 1980’s) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re in the market for a punk cut, there are plenty of different options to choose from. It’s important to come up with a general direction for your cut before you head to your stylist because of the immense variety of choices available. Punk, Emo, Scene, and Goth are all characterized by their colorful, eclectic, and original expressiveness. Don’t expect for your stylist to tell you how to go punk! Going punk is an individual statement. It’s an opportunity to take a risk. Do some research before you get to the salon and then talk with your stylist about your ideas.

Do you want your hair to be short or long? It’s possible to do either or even both with punk! Shaving one side of your head and leaving long locks on the other side isn’t all that uncommon among those who fully commit to punk. But take some time to consider your overall look and find a flattering punk cut that will bring out your best features. In order to qualify as “punk”, your cut needs to be edgy and a little risky. A too-conservative do just simply won’t qualify!

Besides a hair and fashion style, punk is also an attitude and even a subculture. The style has been influenced by different cultures and even artistic movements and music. As a result, it has its own rhythm. Its own life. And it’s up to you to come up with a way to express yourself using the punk look as an overall direction for your hair. Don’t just get your hair cut punk. Color it punk too! Colors are as diverse as individuals themselves. Be creative and express yourself, but above all, make sure that the final results will turn heads.

Mohawks are iconic punk hair styles, but don’t strive for conformity. Be sure to seek out a stylist who has a creative edge and is capable of thinking outside the box. Choose colors that most adequately represent you. Perhaps you’re moody and dark or loud and vibrant. Your hair color can amplify your personality. And take some risks when it’s time for the cut. As long as the hair cut is creative and truly unique, then it will qualify as “punk”. When it’s all said and done, you should be getting noticed and turning some heads among the more conservative folks in society.