Five Hot Hair Trends for the New Year

This year, there are some new surprises as far as hair trends are concerned. Based on the hairstyles that have graced the catwalks lately, there are plenty of surprises in store for 2014. You’ll want to make sure your hair is in tip top shape this year because there’s no room for stressed tresses, that’s for sure. In order to pull off these styles, you’re going to need a healthy head of hair. A trip to the stylist for a fresh cut and some TLC is definitely in order.

Jen Su at the Glamour Oscars 2011
Jen Su at the Glamour Oscars 2011 (Photo credit: Jennifer Su)

One of the most prominent looks this year is a slicked back appearance. Whether your hair is short, medium-length, or long, you’ll want to make sure that it’s healthy or high shine just simply won’t happen. This is a rather informal look that can be worn as a low pony or just loose with the hair near the head slicked back with some high-quality gel.

In addition to heavy gel and the slicked back look, many women are wearing some radical side parts to amp up the style. Whether you wear your hair slicked back or with a little volume, a side part arranged in a more eccentric position on the scalp can definitely turn heads. This look needs the support of a great cut to work right so you might want to visit your stylist to come up with a hair cut that will complement this style.

In contrast to the look of high shine are messy tresses that are purposefully styled to look somewhat wind-blown. This is a look that specifically applies to those with long hair. You can add some gloss to your locks to give them a smooth and shiny look if that appeals to you or you can leave them matte. But, when you braid your hair, leave an abundance of loose strands flying free to get the right effect. If you have medium length hair or short hair, you can talk to your stylist about hair extensions to get the right look.

For women who like to be a bit informal, the sporty look is a great alternative to whispy locks or slicked back hair. Headbands and pony tails are key components of this look which is both sexy as well as practical. Almost anyone with any length of hair can pull off the sporty look which is, perhaps, what makes it such an all-around favorite style for 2014.

Finally, for weddings or parties, try out some whimsical and romantic up-dos, again with plenty of hair flying free. It’s an easy-going, but incredibly romantic look that any woman can do with the right tools. Hair extensions can help you achieve loose up-do’s if you have only medium-length or short hair.

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