Dreadlocks And Good Routine Maintenance – Oklahoma City Dreadlocks

People with dreadlocks often have issues with maintenance and keeping their dreads looking good.  If your dreads are new you want them to get smooth and tight as fast as possible.  Below are some tips that can help and are just a good routine for maintenance.

  1. Very clean locs ad soft after I moisturize the...
    Very clean locs ad soft after I moisturize them. #dreads #dreadlocks #menofcolor #locs (Photo credit: Timmell Dontrell)

    If dreads were just done they won’t need a wash for a week.  They may possibly hurt a little bit because they’re newly waxed and very tight.  Sleeping with nylon (pantyhose) can help with frizz problems.  If there is some itching as the end of the week nears, it is okay and natural.  If the itching becomes unbearable there are products that are oil based which can help relieve scalp itch.

  2. Now that it’s time to wash your dreads there are some things you will want to do.  You can use rubber bands at the top and tip of each dread.  This helps with easy maintenance in the beginning while you get used to washing your dreads.  You’ll want to wash them through nylon. Don’t use the one you sleep in.  Sleeping in wet nylon can cause major problems.  Soaking them while in the shower with the nylon on helps get them fairly wet.  Once they are good and soaked rub in your preferred dread shampoo through your nylon cover.  Massage into the dreads, paying attention to the roots, then rinse.  Rinse very well making sure all of the soap is rinsed out.  Be sure to dry them well.  The recommended way is to flip them over and let them hang down the front so you can squeeze the water from them.  The tighter your dreads, the more water they hold and longer it takes to dry.  Mildew is the main reason for dreads to become stinky and mildew is caused from improper drying.  Once you are tired of squeezing the water out, use a towel to wrap them and draw any extra water out for 15-30 minutes.  Then they should be able to air dry.
  3. Since your dreads are now clean and dry you can take advantage and palm roll your dreads or any loose hairs.  It is common for them to get a little frizzy while you work with them but they will knot and tighten fairly easily.  Once you’ve worked and rolled all your dreads you can apply a thin, light coat of wax.  Working the wax in well and smoothing any frizzes.  A hair dryer can help heat and soften the wax, but be careful with the hair dryer, it can cause more frizz problems, especially at your roots.
  4. After about 6 or 7 wash and treatment cycles like above it is recommended to do a nice hot water soak prior to the next wash.  This helps melt the old wax and remove it from the dreads.  After just a couple months your dreads should be tight and smooth and look great.  At this point you won’t need to use the rubber bands any longer but you should continue to wax them at least every couple of weeks.

With the routine maintenance guide above your new dreads should be looking just they way you want.  Your salon stylist can help you understand which products will work best for your dreadlocks care and needs.

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