You know how great your hair looks right after you leave the salon. Your stylist has the skills, products and tools to give you the look you want. It’s not hard to keep your style looking salon fresh. It takes a bit of practice and the right products and tools to have the look you want everyday. We’ve gathered up 7 unusual hair tools that will make your life easier.
  1. Adjustable Ionic Rollers: These unique roller store flat so they’re great if you travel or don’t have much room to store your beauty tools. What makes these so unusual is that you can create curls any size you want from extra large to small.
  2. Butterfly Clips: Hold your rollers secure with these butterfly clips. These are perfect if you have thick hair because they really hold. Just clip them over your rollers and they will stay in until you take them out.
  3. Velcro Rollers: Velcro rollers don’t need any clips to hold them in your hair. Just roll your hair up on them and the Velcro grabs onto your hair to keep them in place. They are easy to remove and don’t cause tangles even in thick hair.
  4. Ceramic Barrel Brush: When heated ceramic produces negative ions which help to reduce and prevent frizz. Negative ions also help to smooth the outer layer of your hair so it is smooth and shiny. Use with your blow dryer to hold and control your hair as you style it.
  5. Spiral Styler: This tool is similar to a curling iron, but has an additional piece spiraled up the length of the barrel. This holds your hair and creates beautiful spiral curls. You can use a spiral styler on the entire length of your hair or just on the ends for today’s long curly and wavy styles.
  6. Volumizer Brush: This unique tool has a criss-cross design in the bristles to lift your hair and give you lots of volume at the roots. Perfect for today’s retro big hair styles.
  7. Deep Waver: A cross between a curling iron and a flat iron, this tool gives you deep lasting waves. Unlike crimpers, the waves created by a deep waver are much larger and are perfect for long or medium length hair

Ask your stylist about these unusual hair tools. She will know the best brands and where to get the best deals. If you’re not exactly sure how to use one, ask your stylist to show you the best technique. Have fun with your hair and try out some of these unique tools.

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