Tools Of The Trade

Tools Of The Trade


Choosing which type of hair brush, iron or blow dryer can be confusing at times, and it comes down to selecting which tool will get the job done in order to achieve the style and look you want.  The styling tips below should be a great resource to knowing which tool will give you the results you desire.

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Selecting the right hair brush during blow drying can make a difference.  There isn’t a one size brush fits all option.  If you want to get coarse or curly hair straighter, a large round brush does the trick while medium-size brushes can give smoothness and added body if your hair is medium to long in length.  Small brushes can really boost short hair by providing volume.

Using attachments like a nozzle or a diffuser on your blow dryer can turn this tool into a great hair styling machine.  Nozzles can direct the flow of air from the dryer, giving you a more precise and smoother dry.  When you use a diffuser you reduce frizz when drying wavy or curly hair.

If you use a flat-iron be sure to keep it moving with medium pressure.  Section your hair as you move the iron in smooth passes.  If you start and stop or press too hard the results might give you the appearance of “dents” to your hair.  Insuring hair is all the way dry is very important before you use your flat-iron.  The heat can damage hair that isn’t completely dry.  Only a wet-to-dry heated flat-iron can be used on damp hair.

If you use a curling-iron it is very important to make sure the ends or very tips of hair get tucked into the curling-iron prior rolling.  If you miss the tip-tuck, the small ends may bend backwards giving a “fishhook” appearance to the curls.

If you are using hot rollers to achieve waves and volume, start by sectioning your hair, then inserting the roller under the section, smoothly roll down towards the scalp.  Rolling in different directions will give you different styles and looks as well as waves.  If you want waves with little volume, have sections in a downward direction and insert the roller at the top of the section, then roll upwards.

There are many different hairstyling tools that can be used daily and understanding which is the right tool to use is as important in knowing how to use the tool to give the style you want.  Your stylist uses many of these tools daily and has helpful information as well as tool tips and tricks that can be helpful to you.