How To Keep Hair Organically Straight At Home

One thing to get really pumped up about when fall comes around (and no it’s not the Halloween bash that’s coming up) is that the season brings out the most “good hair days” for all types of wavy manes. The frizz magically goes away, and the chilly air seems to make hair set just right. So, now is the time for gals with naturally wavy hair to go straight.

Now, normally, heat, hair dryers and hair straighteners will get the job done; but over time, straighter locks may dry out after leaving the salon chair. That’s why this week we’re going to throw out some pro-tips on keeping the mane straight at home in the most natural way.

hair photo
Photo by theritters

The Icy-Water Bathe

Straightening shampoo and conditioner are must-have products for the home, which your pro-stylist can help you find the brand that will work best for your tresses. However, a cold-water bathe should be combined with the product to help keep those locks super straight. So, that means switching the water from hot to cold after shampooing and conditioning; and you should try to apply the final rinse using water temperature that’s as cold as you can tolerate, since the icier the water applied, the less frizzier, shiner and straighter the hair will be.

The Milk-and-Honey Cover

Whipping up a milk-and-honey hair cover at home is easy to do, and it’s another pro-method to straightening the hair. Grab one cup of milk and add one tbsp of honey, remembering that the thicker the milk, the better the mask will perform. Next, just cover the tresses and the scalp, and let the product soak in for about an hour. The mask will rinse naturally, but be sure to use your straightening shampoo and conditioner when washing everything out.

The Hair Band Sleep Over

Remember using hair bands when you were a teenager? Well, sleeping with hair bands is an easy way to get the waves out of the hair. You either can section damp hair into two pig tails, or you can form a ponytail in the back. However, never use rubber bands, instead get a hold of some soft hair bands to bind the hair into small sections, and make sure to keep everything loose to avoid strange waves from forming. Keep the soft bands on while you sleep, and take them out in the morning.

The After-Shower Comb

After taking a shower, skip the heating tools and just comb the hair dry. Thicker hair will call for a wide-tooth comb, so look for large combs that are infused with argan oil to avoid spraining any arm muscles while combing. The oil will also throw out some extra shine after the mane is dry. Wide, flat-wooden brushes will work for gals with thin hair. Just part your hair naturally, and then brush the locks in five-minute intervals, until the whole mane is dry.


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