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Born with natural curls and waves, your hair probably has been envied by many. But are you wondering how you could get the typical celebrity look with straight shiny and more importantly, manageable hair? Technology has hosted a variety of solutions for people with frizzy hair, who’ve always found it quite a task, unknotting the curls that have a natural tendency to become so when they are either wet or dry.

Some of the anti frizz creams could give you a temporary solution but cause great damage to your hair in the long run. Straightening unmanageable hair permanently is not just a solution for people who’ve had trying times with their kinky entanglements but if done the right way could be an incomparable healthy rejuvenator for your hair. Amongst the many hair straightening systems, the istraight system, broached by the Japanese has been effective with different textures of hair. The procedure and chemicals involved in the istraight system is far better than any other, owing to a number of reasons.

Straight but nourished hair is the goal of the  istraight system, when compared to just straightened hair that tends to become brittle and damaged eventually.

The disulphide bonds, that every person is born with determines whether they have curly, wavy or straight hair. This Japanese system is extremely gentle and works on numbing these natural bonds with natural hair nourishing chemicals and the flat iron that changes the very shape of the hair cuticle by pressing it down.

A silicon based straightening system along with a sodium hydroxide relaxing agent could be a dangerous combination for any type of hair. Watch out for this because most salons that promise to straighten hair at a cheap price adopt this process. In contrast, the istraight system uses ceramide as a major straightening ingredient which ensures the right moisture level in each hair strand. This is what ultimately keeps straightened hair from getting damaged.

With professionals who are trained at the istraight system, you could look forward to an entirely new and brilliant personality in just 3 to 4 hours. The shine and gloss on your hair, whether it is short or long is sure to make heads turn as you yourself bask in the smooth and silky hair feel you’ve always yearned for.

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