How to Make Waves on Those New Extensions

Yes! It is true; you can curl your hair extensions, and there are lots of ways to make them come alive just by adding some simple waves. Many clients believe that curling the hair for more elegance and bounce goes out the window after their stylist adds hair extensions to their new look.

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MYTH!–Today’s pro-stylists can use a variety of tools and product (straighteners, curling tongs, wave wands) to develop perfect curls on fresh extensions. The pros can also advise their clients on how to wave new extensions at home.

Let’s take a closer look at the wave-crave, and uncover the easiest way to get the job done at the salon or at home after having new extensions added to your existing hair … read on…

Hair Product for Curling Extensions

First off, you don’t want your stylist (or yourself, for that matter) to be applying loads of products onto your new hair extensions; although, a gal can use a product on the hair holding the extensions. For this reason, women can add styling creams to their own hair to help prepare the entire ‘do for some magnificent waves.

You will also need to apply a good heat-protector product on the extensions before you begin using heated-styling tools. Heat protector mist does the job well in keeping your pre-curled extensions in great condition before utilizing the preferred styling apparatus. Also, be sure to apply the heat-protector to your own hair if the styling cream you use does not contain any heat shielding ingredients.

Finally, you will need a hairspray to keep your lovely locks in place after curling. Ask your stylist which moisturizing hairspray would work well for keeping a flexible hold on your new waves.

Styling Tools

Wave results will differ depending on the shaping tool you or your stylist choose to use. Extra-tight waves that eventually drop by mid-afternoon are best achieved by using curling tongs. This styling tool should be used on the first curls made to new extensions because it’s the least damaging tool; then, even though the waves may bounce up a little in the morning, the curls will gradually lengthen as the day goes on.

A girl can also use one-and-a-quarter inch instant-heat tongs to produce some soft-playful waves. This curling tong is just the right size for styling larger bouncy curls or for shaping some relaxed-vibe beach waves because the user controls the heat, which helps to avoid unwanted heat damage.

And that’s pretty much it! Hair extensions will just need to cool down after a proper curling; and afterwards, a gal can simply brush through the curls to separate the waves gently for a more voluminous appeal.


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