Hair Straightening In 2016 Goes Formaldehyde-Free

Most folks think of harmful toxins when considering a chemical treatment for frizz-less, sleek hair.

Well, the 2016 girl is saying “no thanks” to this and is going for formaldehyde–free, semi-permanent, hair-straightening solutions, which actually started to go mainstream in 2015.

Enter formaldehyde-free hair straitening–a harmless frizz removing procedure that most celebs today prefer over other hair smoothing options.

We pro-stylist have found this trend to be the future in hair smoothing, and here is why:

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Photo by Ice Max

It Is Safe:

Formaldehyde can irritate the eyes, mouth and skin, and it has been linked to cancer risks.

On the contrary, formaldehyde–free solutions employ active ingredients like Sericin–a safe, silk worm compound–for removing the frizz, producing results similar to the Brazilian straighteners.

The secret is in acidity concentration, which formaldehyde-free treatments hold equivalent to lemon juice. Moderate acidity applications also seem to promote longer-lasting straightening due to better cortex penetration.

Less Application Time:

Formaldehyde-free treatments take about two-and-half hours to straightening medium-length hair correctly, which includes a shampoo; blow dry; set time; rinse; a second blow-dry; and flat iron smoothing application.

This time is nothing compared to the one-to-three day set-time that most traditional hair-smoothing treatments require.

FYI–Formaldehyde-free apps will also allow for showering or swimming immediately after leaving the chair!

Lasting Results:

A good hair-straightening solution should last about sixteen weeks. Using sulfate-free shampoos will allow the formaldehyde-free acid levels to stay in place for this period.

But take note, it’s important not to hit the chair again until your hair is actuality ready for another session, which should be every four months or so.

Hair straightening apps preformed too frequently can produce heavy and limp effects on the locks.

So, if you do fall in love with your first session, be ready but to wait it out.

Hair Color Enhancement:

Hair treated with formaldehyde-free solutions may receive a boost in hue or attain improved color change.

This means reds may seem redder, and blondes may acquire some platinum highlights.

However, natural hair color does remain the same, which is why clients interested in coloring should make their appointments a few days after their formaldehyde-free straightening session, in order to steer clear of any glitches.


Its usually either all smooth-and-sleek or nothing at all when it comes to formaldehyde hair-smoothing solutions.

However, its counterpart allows women to tailor the outcome–wavy hair textures with frizz can keep the curls and just eliminate the frizz. Likewise, extra-crazy curls can turn into only a few waves with smooth bangs.

Imagine owning sexy beach hair without the flyaway strands–the sky is the limit when applying formaldehyde-free hair smoothing solutions.

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