Going Straight? Get Beautiful Straight Hair With a Hair Straightening Treatment

If you have never heard of istraight, Magic Straight, or thermal reconditioning, then you might be familiar with the term rebonding. It’s become a popular hair treatment to acquiring amazingly soft, silky, straight hair. Yes, just like in the magazine ads! Yuko Yamashita is a well known hair expert from Japan, credited with creating this process in 1970. It was awarded a patent in 1995, after which Yuko began training select hair stylists on her method. Other similar methods have been introduced since like the Korean’s Magic Straight version, iStraight, Shisheido, Alracial, Paimore, and Liscio.

Girl With Long Straight Blonde Hair 1
Image by iirraa via Flickr

Hair straightening simply means undergoing a treatment for pin straight hair which will last as long as 12 months. Prior to Yuko, women who wanted to straighten their hair would have to do it as often as everyday using a hot iron.

With a hair straightening treatment, you will free your hair from too much damage since you will only have to go through this process once a year. In fact, since your hair is less stressed, the condition and health of your hair will improve. Not only will your hair look better, it will also be stronger and healthier.

The secret to rebonding is the water that is used to treat your hair which is called Phi-ten. This water was created to help hair absorb moisturizing ingredients and nutrients better through electrically stable gold molecules.

One of the advantages of going through this type of treatment for your hair is that you get to relax and enjoy anywhere from 2 to 8 hours of pampering and attention. This is like taking the day off and feeling beautiful and refreshed after.

Just make sure that you schedule a consultation with the stylist who will do your hair straightening treatment prior to going through with the procedure. Your hair will have to be studied and analyzed by a professionally trained stylist who should be able to recommend to you which Japanese hair straightening treatment to use. For instance, if you have ever bleached or colored your hair, then the some treatments and some levels of treatment will not be advisable to use. The consultation is absolutely necessary.

Thermal reconditioning is a great way to finally get straight hair. However, be sure that you get a professional to do it for you. If you see do-it-yourself home kits, don’t fall for the marketing slant, especially if you have never had a hair straightening treatment before. You’ll most likely damage your hair and need lots of repair before it even returns to normal. This is a process for a professional.

If you want straight as glass hair, treat yourself to a few hours of undivided attention and service from a professional stylist. You’ll definitely love the results!