What To Expect With A Hair Straightening Treatment

The hair straightening procedure (sometimes called Japanese Hair Straightening) is a very popular styling alternative for women who have always admired straight, silky hair. When you see a woman who has had this type of treatment done, you would be amazed at how soft and manageable the hair has become. Even if you have natural curls, or you inherited your mother’s frizzy hair, the possibility of finally being able to enjoy straight hair for months is now just a few hours away.

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When you go in for this thermal reconditioning treatment, expect to spend at least a couple of hours, so be prepared to just sit back and enjoy the attention.

Let’s assume you have consulted with the stylist, and agreed on the specifics of the treatment [always, always make sure a consultation is part of the process – the stylist needs to determine the level of straightening for your unique hair condition], the first step is to have your hair shampooed, rinsed and dried. It is important that the shampoo used is sodium free. Next, your stylist will apply a relaxing cream solution to sections of your hair. At this point, what you should watch for is that the solution does not touch your scalp.

Then the solution is rinsed off, and your hair blow dried. The next step would be using the flat iron under high heat throughout for several times each section. This is when something wonderful starts to happen. You will magically see your hair become straight as a pin. However, it isn’t over yet because you might have to go through the whole process again if the stylist is not satisfied with the results. Women with curly or frizzy hair can expect several rounds of this treatment. Rest assured your hair will not burn or get damaged with this process. This is because no salt-based, calcium-based hydroxide, or lye-based solution is used on your hair.

Once the treatment is done, make sure not to treat or wash your hair for 3 days. This would mean that you should avoid exposing your hair to perspiration, sun, or chemicals from a pool – like chlorine. After 3 days, your hair will be gloriously straight, beautifully silky and soft to touch. You will marvel at the way it never seems to get messy at all, no matter how many times you turn your head right to left. In fact, you should try running a comb through your Japanese straightened hair, and see the comb just slip through the strands like water.

To avoid becoming a victim of bad hair straightening treatment, make sure that you get an experienced professional to do the job for you. It may cost a little more, but the rewards will be worth it – a hundred times over! Never attempt to use straightening products at home – the result could be disastrous for your hair. But in the hands of a competent professional, that straight as glass look is available.