Choose the Right Straigthening for your Hair

Hair straightening before and after
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There are two basic kinds of straightening:

  • CURL RELAXER: only relaxes curls – does not produce stick straight hair, inexpensive, can last 1-3 months based entirely on individual hair and proper care (3 months would be exceptional)
  • PERMANENT STRAIGHTENING (thermal reconditioning): produces long-lasting, stick-straight hair, can last 6months with proper care

Curl relaxer isn’t really meant to get  your hair “straight”. You’ll have wavy hair. It’s just mean to do what it says – relax curls. How long it lasts can depend on quality of product, and is affected most by your individual hair. Usually, you can discuss it over the phone, make an appointment, and go right in to have it done.

Permanent straightening is more serious. Get a free consultation to start. Your stylist absolutely needs to know if you’ve ever used boxed color, permed your hair, etc. and how long it has been, to make the best recommendation. Let the stylist see and touch your hair in person. You can often get the straightening done the same day – just be aware, permanent straightening is a 5-6hour process, and it’s costly. So bring enough cash, and plan to stay a while. Scheduling for early enough in the day (e.g. at least 2pm) is a good idea.

Be very selective: The choice of straightening products by stylists varies widely. Some cheaper products produce hair damage, and some products emit harmful fumes (e.g. formaldehyde). The stylist can burn your hair if products are improperly used (e.g. without proper protective conditioners in the process). Cheaper products also can last only a fraction of the time, causing your investment to evaporate. It is not advisable to choose this process casually from an inexperienced stylist, especially if they’re price-cutting (they’ll have to cut corners on the process to make up for it). Pay a little more, and keep your hair – it is worth doing this right.

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