The 411 On Chemical Straightening And Hair Relaxing Methods

Why is hair curly?

Your hair is made of a strong protein called “keratin” which holds sulfides, and when these sulfides join, they form those natural waves or curls that we all just love.

chic woman photoWhy do folks straighten their hair?

Women with curly locks know how frustrating it is to deal with disorderly, wavy hair every morning; this is most likely the key motive why folks with curls schedule hair straightening appointments, since sleek hair is much easier to style and wash.

How do the professionals straighten things out?

Your friendly-neighborhood stylist uses chemical-relaxing agents to break the mane’s disulfide bonds. This breakage allows for texture realignment-retuning for placing the locks in straighter form.

What about the damage?

Not all chemical treatments are alike–hair relaxers can potentially damage your hair, if applied incorrectly. The pros know how to curtail the negative effects that may arise from chemical straightening by finding and applying the safest bond-breaking agent that will best work for your particular texture.

What can I expect during my session?

Essentially, your stylist will gradually add a chemical solution to your scalp level and will progressively tweak the hair straight with the help of a special comb. When your locks are amply in line, special “leave-in” products are added to the straighter tresses to avoid immediate hair breakage.

How can I pull off owning “year-long” straighter locks?

You’ll need to schedule straightening sessions every 14 to 16 weeks or so; be aware that going for an additional hair relaxing sitting too soon can cause hair damage problems; just be conscious when overlapping previous chemical treatments.

What are the perks to owning straight hair in the long-term?

Once the relaxing process is complete and natural conditioning sets in, your locks will enjoy the long-term benefit of avoiding those “at-home” hair straightening feats like hot pressing, pulling out the kinks, using hot flat irons and bristle combs. You’ll also be able to wash and condition your hair more often, which is critical to hair and scalp health.

Why use a professional to straighten the hair?

Besides finding the correct chemical application to use and the minimizing of hair damage rationale mentioned above, you are going to want a licensed stylist to the job to avoid harmful chemical burns. The bond-breaking agents in straighteners are super strong, and they must be applied correctly at the cuticle. Incorrect, scalp application frequently results in chemical burns, which can cause infection, scarring and/or permanent hair loss.

What kind of maintenance can I expect afterwards?

To restore moisture to the mane, it’s vital that you schedule an intense conditioning session with your stylist a week after you straighten your hair. After this, you’ll just have to apply a deep conditioner at home, in the shower, as necessary.

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