Pedicure for Your Health

Did you know that you can pamper yourself and improve your health at the same time? Having a pedicure could help improve your health, as you lose all the stress you incurred during the week. A pedicure is a means to care for your feet and toenails and improve their appearance. It can help prevent diseases and disorders of the nails. The rest of the foot is also taken care of by exfoliating calluses and dead skin cells with the use of pumice rocks.
Katie and Anna getting pedicures
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An emerging alternative is the use of “doctor fish” in pedicure methods. Doctor fish, or Garra rufa, are freshwater, bottom-feeding fish found in the warm waters of the Middle East. These toothless fishes feed on the dead skin cells of the feet and legs without breaking healthy skin. It has even been used in the treatment of psoriasis. Mind you, this treatment is not yet readily available in the United States.

In the US, just go for the basics: always make sure of the cleanliness of the salon. Trust your nose; if the salon smells fresh and clean, that’s a good sign. Also, your service provider should be clean and neat. She should also frequently wash her hands and wear gloves while providing your pedicure.
Lastly, just try to enjoy, have fun and relax.  Let go of your stress and tension, and pamper yourself into good health.

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  1. If your looking for places to try a doctorfish pedicure or treatment, has a list of treatments and salons offering the spa fish. Tickles like crazy at first but then really relaxing!

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