Manicure for Overall Health

Our nails are one of the important parts of our body. That may sound surprising, but it’s true. What are nails, really? Well, technically speaking, nails are hardened skin cells made up mostly of keratin, the same compounds that make up our skin and hair. They serve as shields, and they also sustain the tissues of our fingers and toes. When living cells under the cuticle multiply, they push out the harder, dead cells and these in turn become our nails.

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Nails can serve in diagnosis of diseases, by showing signs of a problem. Also, improper nail care can cause nail disorders, so we must take good care of our nails through manicures. Manicures can help improve the looks and health of our nails and hands. A manicure prevents hang nails, nail damage, and developing fragile tips. Massages that accompany these manicures help bring good circulation back to the hands and thus improve skin health.

When getting a manicure, make sure the person doing your hands knows how to properly and professionally perform a manicures. It’s not something for amateurs. The manicurist must make sure her tools are well sterilized and her hands are clean, to avoid unnecessary infection.

Also, a proper manicure can be as good as a visit to your therapist – not that you should substitute one for the other. But it’s a good way to release your tension and stress, making for a healthier you. Think of a manicure as a way of enhancing your overall health.

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