Vital Differences in Hair Extensions: Human Hair vs. Synthetic

Understanding a few key differences between synthetic and human hair can make your mind up for you if you happen to be torn between the two.  Most women simply factor in the price difference first and the duration they last second, but there are even more factors to consider.

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Even if you are looking at extensions to wear for a special occasion like a wedding, you cannot underestimate the choice between human or synthetic hair extensions.  Think about it as carefully as you would if you were considering getting extensions for an extended period of time.

Are you looking for a specific hairstyle or just longer, manageable hair? Human hair extensions are as versatile as your natural hair, but in that same vein they can also get to be as unruly as your natural hair.  Synthetic extensions are more often than not pre-styled, meaning that in the majority of situations it will stay fast and look as beautiful as they did the day they were attached.  Synthetics are also almost indistinguishable from human hair, so in most cases the style does not seem artificial.

The climate in the area you live or will be during the duration you would like to wear the hair extensions matters as well.  If the climate is very humid or rainy then human extensions will react in the very same way that your hair has done for years: either frizz up or go completely flat.  Synthetics will look just as good in a moderate climate as they would somewhere humid, though that in itself could look a little unnatural.

The natural beauty of human hair is just as appealing as the steadfast styles that synthetics offer, and hair products may nullify the differece in humidity.  Your choice will probably still come down to price because of the huge price difference between the two, but these are good bits of information to keep in mind when looking into hair extensions.

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