Fusion Hair Extensions

Image and video hosting by TinyPicNow providing fusion hair extensions. With proper care, these last longer and are more realistic. Call today to schedule an appointment with Anastasia (405) 889-0404  in Oklahoma City

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  1. We need a new hair dresser. We had one from Cali. he took extra care with my hair since I get it colored so often. He moved back to Cali. and I have not found anyone yet who did this. He would do brown with blonde hi-lights and after so long start wiping the ends off so my dried out hair would not break off even more. After about 6 months my hair was in the best condition I ever had in my life. I want someone who cares that much again. Do you do anything like this? We are desperate. My husband has long hair and gets it colored his hair is in good cond. but is picky about the color. Thanks [name and number omitted for privacy] We are willing to wait for an appointment. Your reviews are awesome.

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