Save Money with Remy Human Hair Extensions – Oklahoma Hair Salon

Extensions can give you more volume and length. There are two types of extensions; human hair and synthetic. Synthetic extensions are made from a variety of materials from synthetic fibers to yak hair. One of the biggest drawbacks for synthetic extensions is they can’t be styled with a flat iron or curling iron. You also can’t roll your hair and sit under a dryer with synthetic extensions. Although this type of extension may seem cheaper, in the long run you will end up paying more for maintaining your look. You also have to be extremely careful of synthetic extensions when you wash and brush or comb your hair. Generally this type of hair extension can only be used once where natural human hair extensions can be used over and over again.

The highest quality human hair extensions are called Remy. The hair used for this type of extension is taken from a single cut from one person. Women in India go to a temple to donate their hair and the temple in turn sells this hair for extensions. Remy hair is shiny, healthy looking and strong. The cuticle layer (outer layer) is in tact and this is what makes it so shiny and smooth. Natural human hair extensions can be styled, colored and permed just like your natural hair. They look and feel just like the rest of the hair on your head. If you maintain them properly and have an expert stylist place them, you can reuse your Remy extensions for a very long time.

Be careful when you purchase your Remy human hair extensions. Some manufacturers label cheaper human hair as Remy. These knock offs are not as high quality as the genuine article. The hair is taken from several different people and it is not cut so that the cuticle layer remains in tact. This type of hair is hard to style and resists color and perms. Always buy your human hair extensions from a dealer or salon you trust. Look for genuine Remy human hair extensions and a stylist who is trained in the many ways of placing extensions into your natural hair. This way you will be happy with the results and your investment will last for several months.