Preventing Common Problems with Your Professionally Installed Human Hair Extensions – OKC Hair Stylist

High quality human hair extensions are a perfect solution if you change your style as often as a chameleon changes its color. Any style that you choose can be given highlights to add vibrancy to your look. Add volume to fine hair, length to short locks and have the look that you’ve always dreamed of having. But because your Remy quality locks are made of human hair, it will have some of the basic problems of your own natural hair from time to time. Luckily, most of these problems can be prevented.

  • English: Beautiful natural healthy hair
    English: Beautiful natural healthy hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Most high quality human hair extensions, like Remy, can be treated the same as you would treat your own hair, just a bit more gently so that their life is extended. Lower the water temperature a bit when shampooing so that the hair doesn’t matt and tangle.

  • Before swimming or going to bed, put your hair in a loose braid so that it doesn’t tangle to eliminate much of the need stress it would otherwise face when combing or brushing.
  • Ask your stylist to show you the best ways to dry, comb and brush your high quality human hair extensions. It’s human hair and can be damaged as easily as your own healthy natural hair if it is mistreated.
  • Professionally installed human hair extensions can last six to nine months or more, but your own natural hair has to be taken care of so that it remains healthy. Not only can natural hair extensions can be removed by a stylist at any time that you want a shorter hairstyle, they should be removed at least every 3 months so that your own head of hair is not harmed.
  • Let your stylist know how you take care of your hair and if you use any harsh chemical processes. Together you can work out maintenance schedules that will keep your Remy hair extensions at their best, even if you change the color of your hair and use other harsh products on a regular basis.
  • Occasionally, hair from extensions will drop out, just as you occasionally lose strands of your own hair. Depending on how your extensions are attached, special care must be given so that the bonds don’t dry out. Ask your stylist the best way to treat your hair so that the particular type of bond holds up as well as the hair extension does.

Have you ever regretted that you changed to a short hair style? High quality hair extensions can be reused, but before you go with an ultra short makeover, ask your stylist what the minimum length your natural hair must be so that the extensions can be professionally reattached.