Why One Should Never Price Shop For Hair Extensions

The extravagance, attractiveness and convenience of an instantaneous, fuller mane have made hair extensions more popular than ever. Now, I know what you must be thinking, “hair extensions cost an arm and a leg, nowadays.”

While it’s true that the price of owning lengthier locks does fluctuate, what a lot of folks fail to realize is that the bottom line reflects not only the hair itself, but also the cost of installing it too.

Sometimes, that same two-hundred dollar hair extension can be found at a price thirty-percent less when installed by an experienced stylist. There are also quality issues to consider, where, every so often, the most expensive service is not always the best opportunity out there.

And so, this week’s post will focus on two important points to consider when looking at the price of hair extensions.

healthy hair photoService Considerations


A stylist can fuse, weave, sew or braid extensions onto your existing hair. So, one might expect the more difficult and time-consuming the procedure, the higher the cost will be; however, this is not always the case.

The craft of sewing extensions into the mane is particular in nature. Let’s imagine your hair extension preference requires an intricate braiding and weaving application. The attachment could take a stylist with large fingers hours to install the hair product, which obviously would inflate their bottom line.

Now, take that same extension, and have a stylist with tiny fingers attach them. What you may find that is that the service cost of the procedure would be cut in half for installing identical products because smaller fingers can inherently braid much faster.

Also, compare the time it would take an experienced stylist to attach new extensions to, say, a stylist who just got their license. These are only a few of many service considerations to take into account when thinking about the toil expense in a hair extension’s overall price.

Durability Issues

Stylists who can achieve finer braids when locking hair extensions onto the mane will pull off a more resilient application. This opportunistic, end result is not always reflected in overall cost when window shopping for thicker tresses.

Just remember that it’s all about durability when talking about hair extension longevity. Resilience is what will keep your new investment from falling out when swimming or showering or from vanishing on those windy days.

Properly attached, extensions can also be re-attached to the locks as they grow out; thus, making older products re-usable.

In the end, the key to a safe and intelligent hair extension investment is, first, to compare the product’s cost to how long you’ll be sitting the chair, and then, add in any extra opportunity perks that you’d acquire after leaving your appointment with a more resilient mane.

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