Managing Hair Extensions

Catherine Bach


Managing hair extensions presents even more responsibilities than your natural hair. You need to be a little more gentle with your extensions to extend the life and to keep them looking their best.

Your natural hair goes through a ton of abuse every day of the year and it can really withstand a good amount of damage over time. But extensions do not gain nutrients from your scalp so they are at least three times more susceptible to irreparable damage. While this may not seem like a big deal, because hair extensions are not with you forever, it does mean that they could fall out prematurely or need to be replaced.

Be sure to always wash your hair every day if you have hair extensions. Unwashed hair accumulates your body oils and it could compromise your extensions. All too often extensions fall out because of oily hair, and it’s a shame to have to have all new ones put back in because of a little negligence.

If you are considering human hair extensions, be sure to ask your stylist if it is possible to safely dye the brand they will be using. It is not possible to dye synthetics, but it is possible to dye human hair extensions. Some brands are pre-dyed, so if you happen to dye them it could severely damage the hair. If you forget to ask before having the extensions put it, it might be a good idea just to stick with your natural color for the time being.

It is completely possible to use heated styling tools on human extensions, but most synthetics will melt if subjected to high levels of heat. There are brands available these days that are safe to get hot, but their heat resistance is usually reflected in the price. A simple curling iron twist on zero resistance synthetic hair can melt a whole area of your extensions, and force you to get them completely redone.

It’s important to know both what kind of extensions you have and what brand they are. Brands can mean as much as the material, so get the full scoop on your extensions before having them attached and possibly making a mistake.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.
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