Locking Hair Extensions

Long cascading hair has been a fantasy for people who have a permanent bob cut or hair that needs continuous trimming as it doesn’t grow thick beyond the shoulder level.  The voluptuous appeal that long flowing hair could give is just a two hour sitting away! Locking hair extensions (sometimes referred to by brand names like Euro locs or the hair locs system) is a unique process that adds an extension to your hair, not with a synthetic replica of your hair texture but with original human hair that is available  in umpteen colors and lengths. This hair extension system is extremely popular owing to the fact that the hair used is natural and real and doesn’t show signs of wearing off at all when maintained properly. The procedure is a safe and healthy system of extending your hair.

Hair Extension Pics3
Source: glamour.com

Primarily, the hair strands that are attachments used to lengthen your hair can also be used to enhance volume for people who have scanty hair. The process involves parting your hair into equal and organized portions and clipping it, making the parting line visible. The stylist will decide how many extensions you will need to give your hair the length or the right blend between your hair and the extended hair. There is no clipping, or bonding process involved – unlike the other hair extension systems available in most salons. The human hair extensions are specially locked into your hairline growth by a method that leaves it absolutely undetectable. This patented process has to be handled by a certified stylist.

With proper care, the extensions may last 6 months, before you need to visit the stylist again just to re-fix any extensions that have moved with your natural hair growth. After undergoing the hair extension system, you could shampoo it, condition it, perm it or even straighten it like you would with your natural hair. A professional will charge you a fee for the whole session besides the price for the number of extensions you want affixed in this manner.

Locking extensions  are not just a beautiful way of extending your hair by giving it the most original and natural look, but also safe while there is no harmful chemical, glue or heat involved in the process. Consult your stylist for the best results for your hair type.

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