It Takes Time to Properly Place Extensions

Your stylist shouldn’t rush through a hair extensions process. Using smaller extension braids, and sewing the extensions more tightly, takes more time, but you get more natural looking hair extensions, more freedom to wear your hair in a pony tail, and you can wash your hair with less worry. Extensions are labor intensive, so the cost can be surprising, but don’t skimp to save a few dollars – you want to look like a star, not a porcupine. Your stylist should be meticulous about extensions, not rushed.

Yao lady's long hair 1
Image by felibrilu via Flickr

Your stylist should also use natural human hair extensions, where possible. These not only look better but are easier to care for and last longer. High quality human hair extensions come from India or the Far East. They can be styled like your own hair with heat or rollers unlike synthetic extensions which will be damaged by heat and some styling products. So if you are supplying your own extensions look for all natural human hair from a reputable supplier. Don’t think that you are getting a bargain by purchasing cheap low quality extensions, you’ll only be disappointed and end up spending more in the long run replacing them in a few weeks.

The first thing your stylist will do is section out your hair. Starting at the back, she will take small sections and braid them horizontally across your head very tightly to give her a base to sew the extensions onto. Small tight braids are essential for proper placement and durability. If the braids are too loose, the extensions may come out in just a few days. A skilled and experienced stylist won’t make this mistake.

Your stylist will use a curved needle and thick thread to sew your extensions into your hair. This will take time, so be prepared to stay in the salon half of the day. Working her way around your head, she will continue to braid and sew until the proper number of extensions are in, to create the look you want. Once the extensions are placed, she may cut your hair and then style it. Now you are ready to enjoy your new look.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.