Hair today gone tomorrow – Oklahoma City Hair Extensions

It’s a well known fact that celebrities are a fickle bunch when it comes to styles and how long they last. Look at Rihanna – she has a different style and colour every other week. So it’s no surprise that the latest trend in hair styles this season is chopping it all off – I call it the statement cut.

English: Miley Cyrus singing in concert
English: Miley Cyrus singing in concert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So what is a statement hair cut? A cut and colour that screams “I’m having an emotional time right now and I want the world to know about it.” Take Miley Cyrus. Her parents are going through a very public divorce and she is also trying to shake off her Disney persona. Fast forward a couple of months and she shocked her fans when she cut her long extensions and opted for a shoulder length cut… then decided to go the whole hog and cut it all off and bleach it blonde.

The media is suggesting it was a career move or publicity stunt – whatever the reason I say congratulations to Miley on her new look – she looks amazing.

Now how to achieve the haircut – and is it called the Miley Cyrus?

No! It’s called the undercut. An edgy new shaved undercut. If you’re wanting to emulate Miley, her hair is dyed platinum and using a pair of clippers you cut short around the sides and back to get a neat and tidy edge. The top is left very short with only enough hair to spike or slick back. Her style was already short and dyed on both sides and her hair was longer on top for the crop look. Now the top part has been pulled away from her face and trimmed into a boyish wave.  Using a product is definitely needed to achieve this look for hold and shine.

Which undercut style is going to suit you?

The undercut is a personal statement style. If you work in an environment where this hairstyle is going to shock, you may want to reconsider having the undercut. The undercut is a unisex hairstyle where a section of the hair is shaved, allowing a layer of hair to fall over the shaved area. An undercut will suit whatever your face shape is. It just needs to be positioned in a way that will look good on you. Be wary though, undercuts can remove weight and body so they look best on thick hair, not thin or fine hair.

Consider where you want your undercut to be.  The most popular style is to have it on the sides; it looks great and will be noticeable most of the time. If you have it on the bottom of your neck at the back, it will only be revealed when you wear it up.

Consider how deep you want your undercut to be. A subtle shortening of your hair or something closer to a shave? If you want to be more subtle, you can go for a 4-6mm undercut, talk to your hairdresser about best achieving this look – shave or cut?

How much area do you want your undercut to cover? The trend is to have an undercut just on one side; celebrities like Mel B and Rihanna chose this style. You can trim a smaller area, 2 by 3 inches. Or you can remove most of the hair on one side.

If you go for an undercut you think is too short, don’t worry – it all grows back. If you go for an undercut you think is too long, that’s okay because you can always have it trimmed shorter until you’re happy with it.  The best way would be to take in a photo of your desired undercut to your hairdresser.

If you feel like a complete image overhaul the under cut is definitely for you. This drastic cut suits oval shaped faces, long faces and round shaped faces to balance it out. In fact any beautiful face can pull this look off. They are tough, punk like, rock and roll and vulnerable all mixed into one haircut.