Hair Extensions: Getting the Best Value

Ever watch someone buy a 160z bottle of something that costs a dime less than a 64oz bottle of the same thing? Best price is almost never best value. It’s that way with your hair style, too. Take hair extensions – the least expensive process lasts weeks, not months, and the price difference is almost the same as the next highest level of service. Sewn extensions, for example, cost around $50 more but last 8-16 times longer. Go with locking extensions, and you pay more, but you can just about double how long it lasts, and you can actually re-use the extensions as your hair grows. Your stylist unlocks them and moves them up. In other words, far greater value, even though the price is more.

Hair: the Art and Beauty of It
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Know your types of extensions:

  • TRACK EXTENSIONS: (glue): least expensive, last the least amount of time (e.g. 1-2weeks) – lowest value – available locally
  • SEWN EXTENSIONS: only slightly more expensive, can last approximately 2months with proper care – available locally
  • LOCK-IN EXTENSIONS: moderate expense, but can last approximately 3-4months with proper care (most bang for the buck) – adjustable, re-usable (highest value in the long run), must be ordered
  • FUSION EXTENSIONS: expensive, can last 5-6months with proper care, must be ordered

Watch out for fruits: If you’re interested in getting hair extensions, be careful about comparing apples to oranges. Don’t jump at the lowest cost only to have your money evaporate after a short time.

Do not skip the free consultation: An experienced stylist who starts with a free consultation is the norm. Just walking in off the street and getting extensions is bad news – get the free consultation. It’ll also give you a chance to meet your stylist in person, which is everything. No matter how they sound on the phone, you’ll be able to tell what you’re getting when you evaluate how they handle things in person.

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  1. I am getting married in September and do not think my hair will be the length I need it to be. What is recommended for a wedding when you want something that will look good and not kill me with cost?

  2. Anastasia will call you Robin. Or if you do not hear from her, please give her a call to schedule a free consultation, so she can show you some recommended styles.

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