Get the Volume and Length You Want With Hair Extensions

You can add volume, length, curl and color to your hair with extensions. Today’s extensions are high quality and look natural when applied correctly. Your stylist can use many different methods to place extensions in your hair. These include glue in track extensions that are the least expensive and take the least amount of time. Track extensions will last from one to two weeks. Sewn in extensions are sewn onto small braids that your stylist does close to your scalp and can last about two months if you care for them properly. These are only a bit more expensive than tracks and take longer because of the braiding that must be done before they are sewn in.

Hair Extensions by Bridget Christian (159)


To get extensions that last up to four months you may want to choose locking extensions. These are adjustable and if cared for properly can be removed and reused. Fusion extensions are the most expensive but will last up to six months. Normally your stylist must order these extensions for you since they are a specialty item.

The length and color of extensions you can choose from are plentiful. Human hair has the benefits of looking the most natural and can be styled and treated like your own hair. Synthetic extensions have the benefit of a memory and are not affected by moisture or humidity and if you live in a hot humid area or one that experiences a lot of rain, synthetic extensions can be a good choice. One drawback to synthetic extensions is that they can not be heat styled or changed by hair color.

You can choose to use extensions that match your natural hair color or use them to add highlights and lowlights. Fantasy colors are available from white, hot pink, electric blue, yellow, green and all colors in between. There are even synthetic extensions that are gold or silver for some extra bling on your special night out. Whatever your tastes or budget, your stylist can give you extensions that add body and style to your natural hair.

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