Get Pippa Middleton’s Look – Oklahoma City Hairdresser

The recent Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was a lavish event filled with pageantry, stunning gowns and hairstyles. The British are famous for their love of hats, and this event was no exception. Guests were wearing large and elegantly decorated creations that made the headlines all over the world. In the midst of all this elaborate headwear, Kate’s sister, Pippa, was an island of understatement and beauty. Her simple yet elegant hairstyle stood out among the crowd as one of the most copied styles since the Royal event. She attended her sister with grace, and looked stunning throughout the day.
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You can get Pippa Middleton’s look very easily. First use professional products to wash and condition your hair to keep it shiny and healthy looking. Part your hair a bit to the side and backcomb the crown to give you a bit of lift. Pull the front section back into a smooth half updo. Take small sections of the back and curl them. Don’t comb or brush out the curls, but let them cool and fall where they may – you want your curls to be loose and natural. You can add a pretty hair clip like Pippa’s or leave your hair unadorned for a neat daytime look.

If you don’t have long hair, you can still get this look with human hair extensions. Remy human hair extensions are the very best quality and will give you the most natural look. Remy extensions can be used over again with proper care. What makes these extensions so special is the fact they are cut from one weft of hair from one person. This gives you extensions that are smooth and won’t tangle. Ask your stylist about Remy extensions and you can look as great as Pippa everyday.

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