Feather Extensions – Not Just for Celebrities and Rockers

Feather extensions have become very popular and are one of the hottest trends this year.

Feather extensions can be styled just like your natural hair. You can curl them, straighten them and wear them up to 4 months. If you watched the hit show, American Idol, you’ve seen the feather extensions Steven Tyler wears. You don’t have to go to such extremes with this look, even just a few well placed feather extensions can update your style and give you a new attitude.

Steven Tyler
Cover of Steven Tyler

Be sure to look for feathers which are harvested from cruelty-free farms. These farms preserve the lives of the birds by taking feathers when the birds are molting. During the grooming process, feathers are painlessly removed and used for feather extensions. Other farms use the entire tail feather section of the bird, which unfortunately can not be removed while the bird is alive. This is why it is so important to support cruelty-free farms when selecting feather extensions.

Your stylist can place feather extensions or you can do it yourself. Most of them clip into the hair and will stay there until they grow out.

Care for these extensions is easy. Treat them just like you would your natural hair. Shampoo them, condition them, use styling products and tools to style your hair.

Feathers are available in all sorts of colors, or choose natural feathers. Have fun and add a bit of spark and interest to your style with feather extensions and feel like a celebrity rock star.