Even Thin Hair Can Be Dread Locked With Extensions

Dreads are a popular way to wear your hair. It is natural and easy to care for. Some religious groups wear their hair in dread locks because of their laws governing their hair care and these religious laws prohibit cutting or styling hair. The Rastafarians and some Middle Eastern sects are examples of these groups. Many people with ethnic hair find dreads an easy style to manage and maintain. Dreads are one of the few ways to wear your hair that actually look better as time goes on and the dreads mature. But what if you have thin hair and want to wear dreads? Is there a way for you to do this? Yes, you can have dreads even if your hair is thin by the addition of  hair extensions. Your stylist can add extensions to give your hair the texture and thickness you need to have dreads.

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Your stylist can tell you which type of extensions will work best for your particular hair texture and thickness.  There are a few different ways your stylist can attach the extensions to your natural hair. One method involves using a string that is attached at the root and then the extension is braided into your natural hair and then the dread lock process begins. Another way it to braid the extension directly into your natural hair and then form dread locks. Yet another way is to use the extensions and form the dread locks before you attach them to your natural hair. All of these methods will produce natural looking dread locks.

Contrary to what many people think, clean hair locks better than hair that is not clean. Hair that has residue from products and dirt in it will not form locks easily if at all. To keep your dreads looking their best you do need to shampoo them. Use products that do not contain ingredients that leave residue in your hair. Carefully wet your hair and use the shampoo of your choice. Rinse carefully and then squeeze your dreads like a sponge to remove excess moisture. Pat your hair dry and then let it dry naturally.

To form mature dreads twist your locks as they grow out so that the new hair locks into place and blends with the old hair. You may have to tease the new growth so that it form the knots that make your hair lock into place. You can have your stylist do this for you on a regular basis so that she can make sure your dreads are maturing properly. Some wax and shine oil will keep your hair healthy and help your dreads to mature. Ask your stylist what products she recommends for you hair to be sure that you are using products that will add to the health of your hair and not damage it or keep your dreads from maturing.

Yes even people with very fine and thin hair can have dread locks. Your stylist has the knowledge and skills to lock your hair properly and ensure that you will look your best with your new dreads.

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