Dreadlock Extensions the Look Without the Wait – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Dreadlocks are a natural way to wear your hair that is very stylish and easy to care for. They are formed by twisting your hair into locks which mature and mesh together to form dreads. If you like the look of dreads, but don’t want to spend all the time it takes to grow out your hair and lock it, you can get the look with dreadlock extensions. Dread extensions come in natural human hair and synthetic. Usually synthetic dreads are made with wool and are similar in texture to thick yarn. One of the great things about synthetic dreads is they come in a rainbow of colors. You can also have your stylist create dreads for you out of human hair extensions. These give you a natural look that you can maintain just like your natural hair.

Dread extensions can be placed in your hair very easily. Dread extensions have a loop on one end that you pass under your hair, then you take the end of the extension and pass it through the loop and draw it up tight. This locks the dread extension onto your natural hair. You can put more than one dread extension onto a lock of your natural hair if you want to, but be sure you don’t do too many. The weight of too many dread extensions can cause breakage or damage to your natural hair. Your stylist can also place dread extensions into your hair by braiding your natural hair and braiding the extension into the hair. Extensions can be dreaded before or after they are placed into your hair (usually they are dreaded before they are placed).

Another option for dread extensions are dread falls. These are hair pieces which are worn temporarily and not placed permanently into your hair. You can make your own dread falls or have your stylist make them for you with your choice of colors and hair. Dread wigs are also another option. This lets you keep your hairstyle, but gives you the look of dreads without the commitment. Most stylist who specialize in dreadlocks can make dread wigs and dread falls. Ask your stylist what your options are for dreads. She will have the latest ideas and techniques to give you the look you want.

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