Don’t Gamble With Amateur Hair Extensions

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

If you want quality hair extensions, it’s absolutely essential that you have it done by a professional with extensive experience.

It’s just too easy to make a mistake, if you do them on your own or have a friend attach them, not to mention that most methods of attachment are difficult for an amateur to master, and you don’t want extensions falling out at embarrasing moments.

There are a few different ways to have hair extensions attached — the most common and effective of which is gluing them in. Gluing should never be done by anyone who is not a professional, as it is very possible that you may irreversibly damage your real hair. If you would like longer-lasting extensions, having them glued in will last you considerably longer than braiding them in and will look better if you have thin hair.

For cost savings, it is possible to braid extensions in at home with help, but if done in the wrong area or improperly, it’s possible that your extensions will be visible under your real hair — and that too can be embarrassing. Having a hairstylist attach your extensions will ensure that your braids will not be visible to the naked eye, and will be hard to discern even with styles that could otherwise reveal the braids.

Professionally done extensions can actually cost less, since they typically last much longer than those done by someone inexperienced, and they are much more flexible. Think of cost in relative terms – vs. how long the extensions will make your hair glorious. If you would like the highest quality extensions possible, Anastasia is available for an appointment or consultation upon request. Don’t put your beauty at risk to save a few dollars. You could be paying more for it in the long run.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City.