Quality of Human Hair Extensions Affects Your Look – Oklahoma City

Very few people are born with the perfect hair of the color and textures they picture themselves with. Adding to the frustration that many people feel about their natural locks is that they never seems to be the right length or volume for that extra glamorous look that is trying to be achieved for a special occasion. Will a short casual summer style grow out enough for the sophisticated look you want for winter celebrations? High quality human hair extensions will give you the look you want to present your beautiful self to the world with confidence.

  • NEW YORK, NY - MAY 06:  Model and professional...
    NEW YORK, NY – MAY 06: Model and professional wrestler Maria Kanellis (L) styles Luis Santiago’s hair at the Fashion-On-The-Go hair styling services celebration at Duane Reade in Rockefeller Center on May 6, 2011 in New York City. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

    Natural hair extensions can be removed by a stylist at any time. During their life span of six to nine months, you can make an appointment with your stylist to have them reattached so you can switch your hairstyle on a whim.

  • No human hair is perfect. All of it will tangle. High, Remy quality hair extensions are made of human hair that is carefully organized. The roots are all at the top and the ends are opposite. This cuts down on the tangling and adds to the shine.
  • There are many textures of human hair. Curly or straight, fine or thick, high quality human hair extensions that match the texture of your own hair will keep you looking like the natural beauty that you are.
  • Because they are made of human hair, Remy quality hair extensions can withstand the chemical treatments like color that you have used in the past. The bonds are a different story. Your stylist can help you make sure that the bonds match your new color so that they remain hardly noticeable.
  • Long sleek hair that has the cuticles intact and facing in the same direction, like Indian Remy hair extensions will tangle less than extensions of lower quality. Put your hair in a loose braid before swimming, sleeping or a strenuous game of tennis and when you’re done you can quickly be ready for any occasion.
  • High quality hair extensions are easy to maintain. No matter what style you and your stylist create to make your glamour statement, your extensions will stand up to flat irons, roller sets and curling irons.

Add thickness to fine hair, length to short hair and highlights to give all types of hair that special look of natural health. When you know your hair looks good, the confidence will bring a happy and healthy glow to your appearance.