This Year’s Pro-Style Color Predictions

The year 2015 brought us a lot of diverse and trendy color options, including ombré, dip-dyes and bright hues. But now that the New Year has passed us, we are noticing that things are-a-changing fast, which is a great prompt for us to forecast what the five hottest hair color trends will be for 2016.

And the winners are…..

hair color photoBalayage

It seems the country’s salons ranging from Texas to the West Coast are completely in love with balayage. This color method is really an art in hair painting, and it will work on all hair textures. That being said, blondes seem to flaunt an extra glow with balayage coloring. The 2016 trend mixes together highlights and lowlights; but, you can just color a few strands, or you can try out some washable balayage hues that disappear after a couple of shampoos, if you don’t want to go all out.


Platinum hair is for the blonde girl who wants to go lighter, which happens by adding icy shades to the lighter tresses. We can thank Jennifer Lawrence for making platinum blonde a 2016 must-have color. Just remember that blonde hair is high maintenance, and it does not match all skin tones.


Bronde is a perfect shade that borders between blonde and brunette. Gisele Bündchen made this color popular back in 2007, but the hue seems to have made a comeback during Christmas, after a lot of women living in northern states were seen sporting bronde locks throughout the holiday season.


Wow! How we all do love natural red hair. Ruby tone is big this year, especially when blending rose-gold hues with deep-crimson locks. Now, for the good news…almost everyone can be a redhead; your stylist only has to find the right shade that will work with your skin tone (happy face-smile).


Many celebrities will be coloring their hair in pastel streaks thanks to pop-singer, Katy Perry. Soft cherry, baby sapphire, light orange, and lilac can be found on women’s hair all over NYC. This Kool-Aid hair color is most popular among younger women, but we believe this will change as the trend moves west. Even fifty-something-actress Helen Mirren was seen with Easter-egg pink hues in a 2015 photo shoot. .


Owning teenage-blonde hair tone is now a possibility again when going for babylights, which are basically superfine highlights painted in different sections throughout the core color. Babylights will require your stylist to add tiny slices of color over the thicker strands, which is a tedious process that can take well over an hour to perform; but the finish is stunning, and much more natural-looking than regular highlights.


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