Winter Hat Resistant Hair Cuts and Styles – Oklahoma City Salons

There’s nothing more frustrating than fixing your hair in the morning each day only to wind up with frizzy fly-away hair before the day even begins. Winter hat hair is a common phenomena in the colder months, which is both frustrating and demoralizing. Rather than giving in to the problem though, you can stand up against it and get a hair style that will make hat hair and thing of the past.

Hairstyle (Photo credit: Frédéric Renaud)

Honestly, there is no such thing as winter hat resistant hair. When subjected to the hat-wearing protocols of winter, all hair starts to look out of control. But there are certain hair cuts that can make it easier to maintain winter hat hair. If you love to wear hats, but you hate the way your hair looks afterward, then choosing the right hair style can clear up this conflict.

It’s best to choose a hair cut that is easy to style and maintain. There’s a reason for this. You’re going to have to fix your hair in the morning before work and then fix it again (in an abbreviated routine) after you arrive where you’re going. The process that you use to fix your hair after you take off your hair needs to be simple and very easy to perform anytime, anyplace. In other words, don’t spend all day on your hair in the morning if you’re just going to put on a winter hat afterward. Instead, spend a shorter period of time in the morning, but plan to spend more time on your hair throughout the day.

Though you’ll definitely need to carry some anti-frizz serum in your pocket, having the right hair cut is paramount. But what is the right hair cut? The right hair cut is one that looks good barely styled at all. This cut will be different on different people. It is largely dependent on the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. The hair may be just one or multiple layers. Again, it depends. The right hair style is one that can be smoothed down with a glob or spritz of styling products throughout the day.

Winter hat hair can give you the opportunity to try something new with your hair and use a different approach to looking attractive each day. Rather than battling your hair with half an hour in the restroom each day at work, you can simply walk into the office, smooth your hair momentarily and then go on with your day looking great! Speak to your stylist about hair styles that will look good with your hair texture and face shape with minimal styling and only a few hair care products that you can easily carry with you.