Winter Grooming Tips for Men with Long Hair

As temperatures drop, the hipster manes that men haphazardly sport all summer can become a winter accessory disaster, if the guy doesn’t get cold-weather hair care smart really quick.

winter men long hair photo
Photo by kiddikerr

Let’s check out how you can maintain and moisturize your long male locks during the cold-winter months.

Relax on the Shampoo

Daily shampooing wears out your scalp’s natural oils. These bad boys replenish the longer mane; so limit your washing routine to only one to three times a week to retain strand moisture during the chilly months. And one more thing, avoid rinsing with hot water (even though it seems innate to soak in a hot water to compensate for the cold air in the bathroom), lukewarm water is always best for shampooing. Lastly, end the wash with a quick cold rinse to lock in moisture and volume.

Moisturize and Hydrate After the Shower

We pro stylists realize that most men do not hydrate their locks at all; and if they use any moisturizing product, they usually choose the wrong conditioner. There is no need to pour on handfuls of conditioner, designed to treat colored female locks, while in the shower. Applying a small amount of leave-in moisturizer into towel-dried locks will work well to moisturize and to reduce the effects of static on a male mane. Leave-in hydrators are easy to apply; and they won’t weigh the hair down or leave it feeling greasy like most after-shampoo conditioners do.

Stay Away From Hot Air

The big, bad ’80s hair left the building decades ago; this means avoid hair-dryer frizz and static cling, and choose to air or towel the locks instead. A good pro-styling cream applied to damp locks will also help maintain hair-flair, and it will add some well needed chill-prevent texture as well.

Know How to Style Your Hair At Home

Imagine not having live through another bad hair day ever again. Learn how to style your mane in front of a mirror—and believe me, it’s a lot easier than you think. The trick here is NEVER to apply product to dry hair because once the hair is dry, it becomes very difficult to reshape. Damp hair absorbs leave-in products, which allows for easy styling and proper setting. Pro-styling waxes do the trick for fine hair; and for those lucky guys with thicker, longer hair, go for a pro-finishing cream with heavy moisturizing agents.

Hit the Barber Shop

Winter is the perfect time for a man to do some damage control on their locks. Ask your pro-stylist to repair those dehydrated split-ends that you’ve been combing aside all summer. Scheduling regular barber visits will protect your locks, will keep them healthy and will give a boost to your rock-star look all winter long.


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