Wine Won’t Put Hair on Your Head

Over the weekend I read an article about how wine can be your new BEST FRIEND. There were lots of reasons listed:

• Wine doesn’t talk back
• Everyone loves it
• It won’t make you change the channel on the TV
• It goes with everything

wine photoAll great reasons to go get a bottle of wine, just one problem; either you are eventually going to become a lonely alcoholic, or spend a lot of money on wine that no one will want to share with you; no matter how great the bottle you bring to the party is.

When the problem’s your hair, that’s what you need to deal with, and not compensate for. Yes. We agree. Thinning hair can be a real problem – and it can affect your appearance, your self-image and your ability to socialize.

Unfortunately, we are accustomed to seeing balding men, but not women. And that brings with it a whole series of discriminating concerns. But we aren’t here to change people. That would be impossible, so instead let’s minimize your thin hair problem; make you beautiful again, so everyone will want to spend time with you. Yes. You can become the life of the party again.

Not to worry. There are lots of solutions out there for women who have thinning hair. Some of these are nutritional solutions, while others are cosmetic. But ultimately, the goal is to make everyone believe you have a healthy beautiful head of hair.

It’s Normal

First, it’s important you realize that some hair breakage is normal. Everyone loses hair. It happens in the shower, as you blow dry your hair, brush it, or as you sit in the car.

It’s normal.

In fact, according to dermatologists you can expect to lose about fifty to a hundred hairs a day. That’s just hair going through its normal cycle. But when it’s more than that then you should take some precautionary measures.

Causes of Excessive Hair Loss

Excessive or thinning hair is not normal and can be caused by medical conditions, hereditary, age or after a pregnancy or surgery. It can even occur after weight loss or as a side effect to hair products and medications.

What Do You Do?

Well, you certainly don’t have to live with the problem. You don’t have to go around town with bald spots shining through. Your first step lies in prevention, then in disguising the problem.


Some hair loss issues are only temporary. For instance, if the hair loss occurs after you start taking a certain medication, talk to your doctor. Hair loss after pregnancy is usually only temporary. But in either case, you’ll want to make a few changes in your diet and lifestyle to prevent excessive thinning.


If you know the problem is hereditary, there are special hair treatment products like minoxidil (rogaine). Still, if you see significant thinning talk to your doctor as this may also be an indication of a thyroid problem, and effective thyroid medication can help.


No matter what type of thinning you experience there are some basic tips you can use to minimize the thinning or keep it from being too visible. Here are a few suggestions:

1- Diet
Hair does so much better on diets rich in protein, zinc, vitamin B12 and iron. You can get these naturally from lean meats, leafy green veggies, beans and fish.

2- Shower or Bath Massage
When you shampoo be sure to massage your head. This improves blood flow and gives your hair a better opportunity to grow strong.

3- Avoid Over-Styling
This is probably the easiest and fastest way to stop the thinning. If you are used to blow drying your hair, using a curling iron or straightener, then you might want to stop for a while. Visit your hair dresser and ask her/him to help you find a style that won’t require too much styling. Explain the problem and your hair dresser can work with you to find better haircut.

4 – Wear Short Tresses
One of the easiest ways of disguising a thinning problem is to cut it off. Go short and add layers. Shorter hair looks healthier and adds more volume. Ask your hairstylist to create an illusion of body and thickness.

5 – Add Extensions

Visit your hair stylist and ask about extensions. These offer an excellent way of adding volume to your existing hair. However, make sure to use extensions that are made of real hair and professionally placed, otherwise you risk making an existing problem even worse.

These are just a few tips that can help make your thinning hair fuller. This way you don’t have to spend every night at home with that bottle of wine. Visit your hair stylists and ask for suggestions. He/she can also suggest nutrient rich hair products that can minimize the thinning problem.

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