Windy Cities Hairstyles

If you live in a windy city like Oklahoma City or Chicago you know what the wind can do to your hairstyle. It is frustrating to spend time styling your hair only to walk out the door and Mother Nature blows all your hard work away with one gust. So what are you to do? Use industrial strength hair spray and styling products? No, these will dry your hair out and cause damage. It is better to have a hairstyle that can handle the wind.

windy hair
Image by J. McPherson via Flickr

There are several options for styles that can stand up to even the windiest days. If you prefer long hair, you can braid your hair or put it up in a twist. A pretty scarf tied loosely around your hair will also protect it from the wind. But if you don’t want to bother with putting your hair up all of the time or wearing a scarf there are some cute hairstyles that you can wear that require a minimum amount of fuss and will stand up to the wind.

  • The pixie is a short wispy cut that is perfect for windy weather. Apply a bit of styling paste to give it texture and if the wind does muss it up, just run your hands through your hair to rearrange it.
  • A shag is supposed to look messy so no one will know if your hair has been blown around a bit. If you want some control and volume, apply a mousse to the roots when you blow dry it and a bit of styling paste throughout to give you that just out of bed look.
  • Soft curls all over will give you a feminine look and with a bit of gel and an anti frizz product you can stand up to the weather without looking like a giant fuzzball.
  • A short cropped style is perfect is you need to look professional and put together no matter what the weather brings.
  • A well sculpted bob with a stacked back will fall back into place if the wind blows it around. You can help to control frizz with some mousse and hairspray.

The main point to remember if you live in a windy city is to keep it simple. A simple well maintained hairstyle will be your best protection against the ravages of the wind and weather. Your stylist can help you to choose a cut that is right for your face shape and lifestyle. Keep your follow up appointments to keep your hair trimmed and you will be ready no matter what.

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