Why Your Long Hair Needs Regular Trims – Oklahoma City Salons

So you’ve been growing your hair out for a while and people keep telling you that you need a trim. But you don’t want to get your hair cut shorter. You want it longer! Why should you get regular trims for long hair that’s still growing longer? It may seem counterintuitive to cut your hair if you’re trying to grow it out, but believe it or not, a trim can actually speed up the process of growing out your hair!

lovely hair
lovely hair (Photo credit: www.ericcastro.biz)

No matter what, your hair can benefit from regular trims as it’s growing out. It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have or how long you’ve been growing it out, your hair will still need a maintenance cut on a regular basis. That’s because the longer hair grows, the more split ends you’re bound to have. Split ends can cause your hair to look frizzy and break off sooner than it otherwise would. If you have enough split ends or if your split ends are severe enough, they can actually slow down the process of growing out your hair considerably.

When your stylist trims the ends of your long hair, she or he cuts the hair back to the healthy part of the hair shaft. Even though your stylist may remove an inch or more of your hair during a regular trim, your hair will make up for the lost length because it won’t break off as readily. Without the extra breakage, it will seem as though your hair is growing faster. So even though you got some length cut off of the ends of your hair, the speed with which your hair grows out should be faster following a trim. And it will look healthier as well.

It’s better to get regular trims if you plan to grow your hair out long rather than wait until you see damage to do something about it. Long hair is really striking and beautiful when it is healthy. On the other hand, long hair that is flat, lifeless, dull, and brittle is hardly worth waiting for. By getting regular trims, you can avoid lifeless hair and enjoy the grow-out phase. Regular trims can make your hair shiny and strong.

A trim every now and then can make it easier to style your long hair. Frizzy split ends can really make it hard to finish off a hair style with success. Getting the ends trimmed can make your hair behave differently. Often, women report that their long hair is more manageable following a trim. It isn’t necessary for you to have a lot of hair removed when you go to your stylist. Be clear about what you want. Usually a trim will remove only an inch or less from the length of your hair.