What’s trending this fall – the ponytail – Oklahoma City Hair Salons

Fun, flirty and irresistible – and judging by the herd of models horsing around at the recent fashion shows – it seems that ponytails are being trotted out again as this Fall’s hair trend.

Any why not? Ponytails are the beauty equivalent of a white t-shirt and jeans. Effortless, classic and down right an essential hairstyle. Sleek and sophisticated, tousled and fun, textured and wispy, there is more to the ponytail than you might think. It’s not just about pulling hair off your face when you’re at the gym or around the house. There is a new interpretation of this essential hairstyle. The polished ponytail is a must try once again.

Ponytail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ponytail is usually a straightforward hairstyle that can be used as a last minute decision, a fallback plan for a bad hair day, sports hair or a fun, sexy style. However this season we want to put some effort and styling back into this old favorite. It only takes a couple of minutes and you’ll look like you’ve just stepped off the runway.

Effortless sleek

For an effortless sleek look it’s best to prep your hair with a light serum to add shine. Pull hair back using a brush to get hair smooth and secure with a band. Next, take a lightweight hairspray and spray lightly to smooth down any fly aways.

Romantic look

To get the messy/wispy romantic ponytail simply comb your hair toward the back of your head and pull your hair back and tie it. Let some hairs fall out of the pony tail for the soft dreamy look.

Curly hair

If you have curly hair – and we love curls, it can be tough getting those curls to stay in place, let alone compete with the smooth look of straight hair. The secret with curly hair is to create a high ponytail – wear it all the way on top. It allows your curls to fall naturally. If your have a lot of hair and your ponytail is starting to feel heavy, take some bulky locks out and wrap them around your hair tie. This will lighten the ponytail and give a more stylish finish.

Clip-in ponytails

If you are after length with your ponytail but don’t have it, clip it in. Clip-in ponytails don’t just add length to your hair; they transform and create an attractive look that complements your existing hair. You could add length, volume and colour instantly. Clip-in ponytails are easy to apply, remove and use again and again.

Get imaginative and experiment with different ponytail looks this season. Ask your hairdresser if you don’t know how to do your hair properly. Your stylist wants you to leave the salon happy and be able to do you hair at home. They’re here to educate and guide you into your new look. Hairdressers have many tricks and tips for achieving great hair – you just have to ask.